Tanzania Flags: From 1800

Prior to German Invasion, the current Tanzania was part of the Sultanate of Zanzibar which was under control of the Sultan of Oman. The Sultanate Flag


Following Carl Peters treaties and the 1884 Berlin Conference, German colonized this country and called it Deutsch-Ostafrika (German East Africa). They traded with the British giving them Zanzibar islands for Heligoland in North Sea. When  Britain took the islands they retained the Zanzibar Sultanate.

The flag of German East Africa


The flag of Britsh Zanzibar


The Sultanate of Zanzibar’s flag


After World War 1,  the mainland was kept under protection of the British. That is when the name Tanganyika was conceived as an extension of “TANGA”.

The Tanga Flag


The British Tanganyika Government is believed to have used several flags as shown below:




At that time, the governor used a different flag


Tangnyika gained self-government from Britain on 01 May 1961 and became independent on 09 December 1961.  For the period between may and 1961, it is not known clearly what  flag was used. It seems that along with British Tanganyika flag, there was another flag used by Nyerere’s government. It is believed to have been this one:


However many think that Nyerere used the TANU flag.


In 1961, Tanganyika became independent but remained under the British Monarchy; Nyerere became the first Prime Minister under Sir Richard Turnbull as the British Governor General

The first Flag of Independent Tanganyika:


Governor General’s Flag


After becomeing a republic in 1962, the governor general left, and Nyerere became the first president.  I have’nt been able to get a picture of the president’s flag just after being a republic

In 1993, Zanzibar also became independent under the sultan; the flag of the independent Zanzibar under the sultan (Sultanate of Zanzibar) is as follows:



After 33 days, the Governement was toupled under bloody revolution creating the Republic of Zanzibar instead of the sultanate. Two flags were used.

The first flag of the Republic of Zanzibar.


This design was later changed into the the following design


It is belived that immediately after the revolution, Pemba isalnd declared itself an independent territory known as the People’s Republic of Pemba with the following Flag. I think this republic was quashed by Field Marshal Okello in two or three days only.


In April 1964, Zanzibar reunited with the mainland again, creating the United Republic of Tanzania. The National flag has since then been this one.


And the presidential flag became


In 2005, Zanzibar created a new flag, which is a combination of the Union flag and the last flag of the Republic of zanzibar. The current Zanzibar flag is as follows  


The Zanzibar’s presidential flag is as follows:



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