Imagine it was you

I caught these two pictures from one discussion forum online: they reminded me of one of my experiences as a little kid in Africa when I came to within 20 ft to a male lion. The very moment I saw that big cat at the side of my path, I knew it was going to eat me.  Using knowldge from my grandpa’s stories, I decided not to run but rather walk away slowly as if I had not seen anything while at the same time directly facing the animal. I couldn’t belive when I realized that the beast was not interested in whatever I was doing. It kept  lying on the ground, while strectching its limbs and yawning. Eventually I realized that this beast had just finished feasting a zebra as many vultures could  clearly be seen clearing the leftovers.  I knew that it did not care about a little creature like me because it was not hungry any more.  Unless provoked, many wild animals kill only for food.

If you faced a situation like this one, what would you have done?




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