Imagine it was you

July 25, 2007

I caught these two pictures from one discussion forum online: they reminded me of one of my experiences as a little kid in Africa when I came to within 20 ft to a male lion. The very moment I saw that big cat at the side of my path, I knew it was going to eat me.  Using knowldge from my grandpa’s stories, I decided not to run but rather walk away slowly as if I had not seen anything while at the same time directly facing the animal. I couldn’t belive when I realized that the beast was not interested in whatever I was doing. It kept  lying on the ground, while strectching its limbs and yawning. Eventually I realized that this beast had just finished feasting a zebra as many vultures could  clearly be seen clearing the leftovers.  I knew that it did not care about a little creature like me because it was not hungry any more.  Unless provoked, many wild animals kill only for food.

If you faced a situation like this one, what would you have done?




The Zanzibar Revolution: Untold Facts

July 12, 2007

sultan41.jpgsultanhamoud.jpgsultan2.jpgZanzibar’s deposed sultan


These are among the last Sultans to rule Zanzibar before revolution. Who is Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah Al-Busaidi?

Chinese Dominance

July 12, 2007


The world economy is shifting towards the east. Like it or not, China will dominate the world economy for many years to come. Unfortunately, the quality of life for many chinese will not improve until after probably 50 years. Africa is likely to be a remote colony of China with the later controlling all African natural resources while provinding cheap comodities. The expansion of China in Africa might in the long run contract the growth of Africa’s economy making the whole continent dependent of China on everything.